Improve Your Practice Efficiency

Health care professionals  are constantly aiming to improve the efficiency of their practice to improve patient care and satisfaction. The constant challenge is finding ways to do this.

One of the biggest challenges is providing simple and effective communication to your patients. Imagine you want to call a patient to report simple lab results or instructions. You would think this would be a quick 1 minute call. However, what normally happens is the patient usually has a few more questions and the planned 1 minute call now ends up being 10 minutes. This is not efficient especially when you have 10 quick calls to make. As a result you don’t call anyone which isn’t good care either.

A better way is to use a service to send patients information about simple tasks which the patients can access via the web. A great service we have found is ClinicInfo.comClinicInfo is a physician-developed service for your clinic to send messages to patients in a way that improves efficiency and standardizes patient care while assuring privacy and security. ClinicInfo does a great job at delivering messages. This will result in significantly fewer phone calls for you and your staff.

ClinicInfo also uses ingenious and fully customizable message templates that enable your clinic to deliver a consistently high standard of care and enhance patient safety through practice standardization. Patients love ClinicInfo because they receive information from you in a timely manner in a way that’s easier and more convenient for them. This system works well for everyone.

Best of all Clinicinfo is completely free to start using today.  For more information watch the quick and entertaining video. Just sign-up and ask for a code which we’ll email to you.